Fleet Management

Optimize your fleet with advanced routing, driver identification through key fobs or mobile app, speeding, idling, driving behavior and much more.

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Increase productivity, lower costs and stay safe

Follow other companies by optimizing your fleet, lower costs and damages, and get full control of your business.

Real-time live tracking

Real-time live tracking

Easy access to all your vehicles and assets through a live map. Updates within 15 seconds.


Speeding alerts

Get alerts and reports of occurrences when speeding over the posted speed limit.

Disconnect alert

Disconnect alerts

Get alerts and reporting when devices are disconnected intentionally or unintentionally.

Routing delivery

Receive routes

Receive routes directly in the app and check them off one by one.

Paperless Vehicle Inspections

Paperless vehicle inspections

Record defects in seconds, add relevant notes, and snap a picture to go along with it.

Incheckning och föraridentifiering

Are drivers sharing vehicles?

Check-in and track trips, idling and speeding for each driver.

Schemalagda rapporter

Scheduled reports

Choose among a wide range of reports IFTA, idling, speeding, utilization etc and schedule them to your needs.

Attestflöden för rapportering

Advanced Routing

Automatic routing based on time, traffic etc. Up to 75 stops.

Share routes

Share routes

Share your routes to drivers directly through the mobile app, via text message, or over e-mail.



Down to the second detail on speed and posted speed limits. Get scheduled speeding reports.

Fleet Activity

Fleet Activity

Get an overview of all stops and stop durations.

Tracking device

Plug’n’Play Product image Automile Box

Automile Box

Self installed plug’n’play-device that you can install under 10 seconds. Works across all vehicles since 1996.

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Automile is used by more than 15,000 companies with over 100,000 deployed units - used by small, medium, and large companies.